Summer at Saint-Antoine 2011 (Part 3)

More Vercors. We all have to stop focusing on something as immediate as the paper or skin in front of us, and re-focus on a distant prospect – as often as possible. Fortunately the Vercors is visible through the windows of the Salle Blanche.
Every year I remember that I don’t take enough photos. And so I start out slightly “better” than usual. But as time ticks by, I forget…forget…and there seem fewer moments when all the students are in the room together, and I don’t want to leave anyone out…And…
Here there are only photos of Keith showing his present manuscript. Some people with a hot project are back at their desks, working
The celebratory supper at the end of the course…
Perhaps you who were there have more photos to share? If you send me some more photos, I’ll update this post – okay?
Here endeth the Sessions d’Été de Calligraphie, 2011 à Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye.

We’re working on the scheduling for next summer, but we really need the Salle Blanche (don’t you agree? the space…the light) – so we cannot publicize the dates until we hear from Maria. You’ll know as soon as we do.

Update! Photos from Marta:

An ordinary Saint-Antoine meal (above); and a special end-of-course dinner (below).
Update (take two) – photos from Lisi:

The perennial échauffement:
The perennial echauffement.

Reflection of the third floor mural text…

Have you photos to add?
Est-ce que toi, tu as quelques photos à contribuer?
Tens fotos, tu, per enviar?


About Catanea

I'm 1/2 of "Keith⁊Amanda" - that's a Tironian "&", but it confuses people, so we write it with a "7" [seven]. Calligraphers. In Catalonia.
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3 Responses to Summer at Saint-Antoine 2011 (Part 3)

  1. Marta says:

    Definetly, the Salle Blanche must be the place!!

  2. cristina valles orianne says:

    recordo amb molt carinyo els dies passats a Saint Antoine, bon treball, bon menjar, ubicació excellent, companys/es acollidors i uns mestres excepcionals, espero poder repetir-ho aviat 🙂

    • catannea says:

      Gràcies, Cristina –
      Si, si, noia! Un dia esperem reveure’t allà! (I abans, també, a casa nostra…casa vostra…o entre mig!). Ara veig que fas coses tan interesants artístiques – tinc ganes de veure quines obres fantàstiques feras en un curs de cal·ligrafia avui!

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