Summer at Saint-Antoine 2011 (part 2)

The courtyard and the abbatiale. Not the sunniest summer we’ve ever had. But the stone and grass only look warmer and lusher under grey skies.
The second session: Bâtarde Française. A course aimed at beginners or students with some experience who wish to improve their writing – and their ability to observe and analyse; this course presented the French Bâtarde script as found in Manuscript number 0422 of the Méjanes Library at Aix-on-Provence. Keith ran across this manuscript – many pages of which are visible here – and considered it would make a nice change as a “beginners’ script” from Italic or Carolingian (even though we choose different manuscripts each year for our Italic and Carolingian courses, so as not to be too repetitive for people who come back again and again).
I enjoyed reproducing the initial page on paper with a quill, ferro-gallic ink, &c.; but I never got further than ruling up on the piece of vellum I’d reserved. Nonetheless, the course participants did some excellent and interesting work (especially the genuine beginners).
As the weather was slightly better during the second course we took up the option of the mid-week après-midi libre and went off for spiritual refreshment to Cognin-les-Gorges. We had hoped to lure a student or two; but it was not to be.
Ari? Rosa? Peggy? Elisabeth? Viviane? Noëlle? Avez-vous des photos? Teniu fotos?

Update! Photos from Rosa!
(This was my copy from an online image of the manuscript – reddish-gold paint imitates what must be powdered gold in the original. My writing looks too spindly now, to me.)

Above: unusual calligraphic techniques may require unusual tools and materials: a plastic tub of baby can help keep students & teachers cheerful, as well!

And some nice photos from the end-of-course exhibition!
Thank-you, Rosa!
(Apologies for my own difficulty with the sizes of the photos.)


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I'm 1/2 of "Keith⁊Amanda" - that's a Tironian "&", but it confuses people, so we write it with a "7" [seven]. Calligraphers. In Catalonia.
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  1. Ariadna says:

    Thankyou for the pictureees! 😀

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