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In a post of September 28, 2011, Language Hat discusses the word “catchmark“. My mind leapt at this; but I am dozy…our files are in non-digital disarray…and all the usual excuses. Nonetheless, the citation was irresistable. “Catchwords” we see all … Continue reading

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Calligraphy – by popular request

“A Potential Reader” (or two, actually) has/have expressed a wish to see a blog about calligraphy. That is partially what Ante-Bath Notes set out to be. Here is a snippet from a Saint-Antoine course from 2008. Perhaps it will inspire … Continue reading

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Stalking Storks

[Editorial note: This post began to be composed on 22 September 2011.] “Normally” every Thursday (and we’re back to “normal” now the summer courses are over) I go shopping in Guissona. The ancient Roman town of “Iesso”. Thursday is Market … Continue reading

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