Summer at Saint-Antoine 2012, Part 3

a mixed class of some genuine beginners, some people with experience of calligraphy but none of italic, and calligraphers wishing to improve their italic…
Some photos from the exhibition on the last evening of the course. The viewers streamed in and looked like they were enjoying it, including gathering around students and quizzing them about their work, &c.
Below, in the luminous Salle Blanche, a demonstration of tools and materials and different techniques. [Andrés Salguero, Keith, Pascale Tua, Inés Atienza, Yago Bolívar]
Then Keith explaining the finer points to Caroline [pronounced here in French] – not our Caroline; but a young Caroline who’s been at Saint-Antoine with her parents for most of the summers she can remember (I’d think) who has been “adopted” by our Caroline as an alter-ego (as she has adopted Carol). This year she sat in on several days of the course with admirable concentration – six hours of disciplined attention to letters can tax even the seriously obsessed – and says she will be an officially enrolled student next year. We’ll see whether the end of childhood and the arrival of adolescence change her mind or not.
Then Ingrid, who attended two back-to-back courses this summer (Anglaise and Italique – and who worked “obsessively” far more that six hours a day at both of them), attractively flanked by the abat-jours we were taught to make in Anglaise by Monica Mediano, which “little” Caroline then taught to everyone in Italique. They look remarkably good with lettering on them (see later image) and create a nice mellow lighting effect, but are no good for illuminating one’s late-night écritoire.
And an international – Catalan, Spanish, French [Ingrid Marquès, Inéz Atienza, Anna Lepvraud] exchange of comments and criticisms in a late-night session…Voilà, one of the abat-jours:Obviously it’s not meant to be used on this type of lamp – a “tea light” inside a glass would be better.
Is everybody here? Caroline, Andrés, Anne Claeys, [Ingrid’s empty chair], Hélène Prost, Evelyne Pascale who attended a few sessions, Anna, Marie-Do Lafond, Yago, Inés, Pascale…
I’m posting this, but it’s not finished…
Yay! people are sending me more photos!
Some photos from Anne Claeys:
An exercise in flourishing, a low x-height…

I think everyone got a reed…
Keith demonstrating with bleach/lleixiu/eau-de-Javel…
And work from the exhibition:
(Pascale, is this yours?)
Detail of a piece by Anna:
One of the many versions of a project by Anne:
And a detail of one of Ingrid’s many projects:
Anne sends more photos…
…of the demonstration sheets…
Keith had a little trouble with the exhibition “poster” on the activities blackboard – someone kept erasing it, presumably believing the calligraphy course ended on the same day as some other courses – No! the Calligraphie was still going strong, and working up to its end-of-course exhibiton……and here are some more of the pieces shown…
is this yours, Andrés? (Will you correct me if I’m misremembering please, all of you?)
Detail of an experiment, also by Andrés by Ingrid?.A couple of Marie-Do’s brush-lettered, illustrated haiku – see more at her blog.A gestuelle alphabet by Ingrid.And is this Yago’s?And is this Inés’s? A colourful text Ingrid says is Andrés’s. Oi?And now just in! photos from Pascale!
Still lives with calligraphic tools…Keith demonstrating, Yago, & Amanda…And a view of drawings during a demonstration of modifying a bottom-of-the-line, cheap cartridge “fountain” pen to write edged-pen scripts:

And now Andrés has sent what he describes as photos of the “dia del dia” of the course –
Anne hard at work:
The First Group of schematic majuscules –
An orderly work space
Andrés himself at work
Keith’s demonstrations of different pens, paints, papers…
I think this must be Marie-Do, hard at work?
And Keith, here I think demonstrating the “Coca-Cola” pens he made for everyone:
Thanks, Andrés!


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