Summer at Saint-Antoine 2013, Part II


P1010849L’abbatiale. Beautiful sunsets. Unusually not photographed from the frisbee field (actually le champ de foot). This week, all the best photos were taken by Anna Coll Marfagón.
IMG_2688Check in, wander into the luminous Salle Blanche…Luke attended both weeks last summer.
Luke Atkinson stayed for both weeks, so for a brief time between courses, he had the Salle Blanche almost all to himself, then:
It began to fill up.
We were once semi-officially named ambassadeurs for the manuscripts of le Mont Saint-Michel by Jean-Luc Leservoisier, curator of the fonds ancien of the Municipal Library of Avranches, where the manuscripts written in the scriptorium of the monastery now reside. (Or are they somewhere in the “Scriptorial” – the new tourist information centre about the manuscripts and their production and conservation? Or are the at the Université de Caen, who are digitising the manuscripts?).
Fortunately we were able to see and study many of them when they were (perhaps) more accessible than they are now.
Each time we present a course on the particular Carolingian scripts used at Mont Saint-Michel, we try to focus on a different manuscript or style, so that people who choose to “repeat” a course will get something new from it.
LeftRightRight-handed or left-handed, everyone can do a respectable carolingian.
StA2013 II allLuke, Jacinth, Anne, Anne, Txus, Mireia, Anna, Françoise, Nadine
It’s not all serious concentration:
P1010949And it is necessary to eat….
EatAnd at the end of the week, show the work in an exhibition…P1020044projsI think here we have Txus Marcano, Luke Atkinson, whose “Littera Scripta Manet” is this?
Mesdames et messieurs – have you more and better photos of the exhibition pieces (I know there are many more pieces) – more and better photos of the whole experience?
Please share them with us! Come to the (Calligraphic portion of) Summer at Saint-Antoine 2014 – find us here.


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