Summer at Saint-Antoine 2016, Part I–Carolingian

The sky isn’t always pure blue, but sometimes a cooler day is welcome, and grey skies only make the grass & trees look greener. This is certainly one of my favourite places to dine al fresco!
We like to alternate the basic scripts we offer, both so that beginners feel genuinely welcome & can get a good grounding; and also so that our many experienced students can revisit them–often with a different manuscript source as the starting point. There are so many really excellent Carolingian manuscripts to choose from, each with its own particular virtues.
If I lurk in the back of the room at my desk and take a photo, the Salle Blanche is chock-a-block with people hard at work….sta2016pt1-class
But if I wander up to the front of the class to take a photo with faces in it, everyone drifts away. Perhaps it is because I don’t wander up to the front of the class while Keith is actually demonstrating? That could be it.
Most of the participants…Sonia Beroiz, Eduard Teruel, Christiane Richard, Christiane Soufflet, Yves Roques, Nadine Martello, Catherine Baillon, Claudia Rifaterra, Ana Navarro, Nicole Robin, Joseph Montalbano, & Ilona Assouline, are here…Jacinthe Tros evaded the camera this time, as did Christine Nodet. Their projects will appear, though…
sta-2016-1-classblockPresenting the script, & the exercises, & the tools and materials…Sonia filmed the preparation of egg-yolk & glair; but I don’t think I dare embed a jocular 11+minute film in three or four languages with comedy interludes? It’s a bit slow. Here are the highlights:
Writing with eggy paint. Thicker and gorgeouser than it looks (especially in a screen-grab from Sonia’s little movie. The movie is good; but screen-grabs don’t show much detail, I’m afraid.) Voilà! Keith’s eggy versals show their height better–these are quill-made:
Thick opaque versals can be done with a pen or a quill; but to exploit the transparency of ink or watercolour, reed- or bamboo-pens are better:

Everyone follows Keith’s recommendations about making bamboo-pen alphabets of majuscule forms to show unified composition. Sadly, most people do not sign their work. Can you identify yours?

Please let me know!
And in the end, some work from the end-of-course exhibition…will I get the attributions right?
Christiane Soufflet:         Sonia Beroiz:                                                       Sonia, again:
ExpoStrip 1 Caroling 2016
Yves Roques:                 Yves, again:                    More from Yves:       Christiane S., again:
Caroling 2017 strip 3
Jacinthe Tros (a commission
for the community):                Nicole Robin:                                  Christine Nodet:
StA 2016 Carol strip4
Christiane S.:      Ana Navarro:    Ilona? c’est à toi?              Whose is this?    Eduardo:
strip 5
I need to post this post! I’ll try to edit in some more of your work soon! If you’ve been misattributed, please let me know! & if you have a great photo of your project (whether it is shown here already or not) please send it to me!
Yet another end-of-course exhibition–the artists mingling with the guests…
During this week, I did an experiment, and instead of doing random demonstrations on odd bits of paper, I kept one piece of paper in front of me the whole week, with a children’s poem in mind (that I have memorized–I had to look up the punctuation, though); and so barring the individual demonstrations that I did in response to consultations, which of course the people with the questions took away with them, this is the mess that ensued…
& the fat bird was a bad draft for one I painted on our room door…
ending with a wagtail


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