Good-bye, Sandy

Sandy Adams, sometimes known as “Edith Crapper”, until we got to know her better.
circa 2004 – 20 June 2020

DSC04961.JPGThis is the first photo I have (apparently) of Sandy. She came to us in May of 2006. I found her in the street with some wisps of straw, & full teats; so I assumed she had been dumped from a puppymill. Nobody was home but me – K & C2 were in Barcelona with a guest, buying C2’s flat. I couldn’t get anyone else in the village to take her on. So I took her in. Isn’t she lovely? Fortunately, Keith is the sort of husband who doesn’t mind – or even actively likes stray dogs.
The village children named her Sandy, because she looked to them like Little Orphan Annie’s dog Sandy – who is much taller, male, & has no eyes. Neighbour Carme sang to her the song from Grease.
When Keith’s mother came to visit, we decided Sandy would be her dog. Or perhaps Sandy decided this… Was Ruskin jealous?

We called her a “heat-leach” – although in Gwen’s case, I think Sandy gave warmth, rather than taking it. But she had to get it from somewhere…a fluffy white(ish) dog on amid sooty coals is not recommended; so Keith had to build her a hearth extension. Do many dogs have custom plinths?
Sandy hearth
Both Sandy & Ruskin have been noted for their cinematic performances…I think this is the mambo…


“Interferència canina”

No apology is sufficent for the rudeness of Ruskin…[well, he’s a dog] Sandy’s behaviour is more explicable: there is egg in the paint. Has there ever been a lower resolution calligraphy video? I feel it used to be better – something has happened in YouTube when I wasn’t looking.

Glamorously windblown at the beach…

When we fostered some motherless puppies (Ruskin was accused of paternity…) until we could find them homes…
I’m not sure it was motherly qualities Sandy displayed with little Rolly…(under the chair in the photo with K, while he holds [Little Orphan] Annie on his lap). But it is clearly play.

Sandy montage

Good-bye, Sandy. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. For now, it is just us and the Lady.

This is an interim publication. More may be added. If you wish to commemorate Sandy, a donation to your local animal shelter would be appreciated.



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I'm 1/2 of "Keith⁊Amanda" - that's a Tironian "&", but it confuses people, so we write it with a "7" [seven]. Calligraphers. In Catalonia.
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