Laya Point Permaculture 2017–The Fourth [& Last] Calligraphy Course: Art Nouveau/Modernist Lettering

& then, sadly, the ultimate course of the ultimate summer at Laya Point (or so they tell us…).
Staying on for both courses are Miquel Centellas, now the champion Laya Point veteran, Christa Puch Nielsen, & Flora Bicalho (still also cooking the delicious luncheons!).
A brief introduction to what Art Nouveau/Modernist scripts might be, based on examples in the Catalan National Art Museum (MNAC) & other sources, from Catalonia, England, Scotland, France…P1030335
Keith’s ongoing technique of flipping the demonstration sheet to conserve paper always produces interesting patterns & juxtapositions:
Nouveau demo 2 colour
Laya Point last class strip
The Eastern influence on the “Nouveau” artists led them to design “chop”-like cartouches to use a signatures, ex-libris, &c.
light strip
Gathering round for a practical demonstration: how is it done?
P1030357 - Version 2Miquel & Christa taking time out for relaxing on the wall – good for “calligraphers’ back”.

P1030372 - Version 23jpg
Part-time students: visitors Hilary & Emma Lewis having a look round at Laya Point; & Susie Jones (Susie returning, from 2016).
hilary emma susie
Trying golden paint on dark papers, Margaret Mackintosh’s roses are immortal. I think all of these are yours, Christa?
The dogs: Eric, Mageeka, George…
LayaPt dogs
Intense concentration…
4 scribes
Intense dedication…The Night Shift…
End of course exhibition, as always…P1030447 - Version 2Let’s have a closer look at some of those masterworks–Miquel’s warm walnut ink & green tones, flanking Christa’s gold & blue…
nouveau expostrip
Flora’s Éluard….                                                     & Susie’s Wordsworth….
2 horizontal texts Flor n Susie
Interesting textural contrasts from Christa; Flora’s sketches for Ex Libris deserve more attention; Miquel’s alphabet & rose study…
Christa Flora Miquel
Emma was inspired by the view…& produced modernist sheep to accompany the roses…
sheep strip.jpg
& after their visit, Emma & Hilary surprised us with real roses!
We are so sorry to say “Good-bye Laya Point”, until your next incarnation, further south?
last pic
LayaPoint2015 strip 1 w ltrg



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I'm 1/2 of "Keith⁊Amanda" - that's a Tironian "&", but it confuses people, so we write it with a "7" [seven]. Calligraphers. In Catalonia.
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