Summer at Saint-Antoine 2015, Part II–Celtic

Always, always the abbatiale presiding over the Community, the village, & the courses. (Françoise Sellier? Cette photo est à toi?)
Now celtique–insular scripts and decoration. The styles of the Book of Kells, Lindisfarne, Saint-Gatien, Mulling, Echternach, and many others.
2016Celtic SalleBlance strip
Here we are French, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, are you Australian now, Maria?–what other nationalities should I be mentioning? From true beginners to professional designers.
& always the lovely light-filled Salle Blanche of Saint-Antoine with its views to inspire us.

Celt minus strip aKeith is quite capable of teaching celtic scripts, but I cannot think of a single exhibition piece he has done…he’ll remind me. So this class was left to my ministrations. Gathering in groups, examining everything we have managed to bring along…Keith showing his portfolio of unframed work and work-in-progress in the centre…

crowd strip
Look at the source manuscripts, learn the forms, work on rhythmical exercises, interpret texts, develop modern and individual variations.
maria practice strip
Except for Kells (above left) the work & the photos above are Maria Montès’s.
Yes, Keith needs to branch out, so that all the celtic presentation is not up to me–the photos become a bit repetitive:
A demo strip
So, is everyone here? Xavi Vaqué, Evelyne Long, Antoine Alouani… Antoine (again)… Christiane Soufflet…Françoise Dabireau…Jacinthe TrosJoaquín GraciaCarol van WaartMagalie Audion, Dominique Augier…Françoise Sellier, Marisa Lacarta, Almila Yildirim, Maria Montès…Françoise S. (again)…Almila (again)…Anaïs Tessier-Charel…Nadine Martello (& me)…

student block
& then projects & trial exercises here below:…Xavi’s knotted R. I no longer know who has done what, so whose “Ara es aquí” is this? Carol? I know “Winter is coming” is Carol’s! & “Au temps jadis” is Christiane’s. The key pattern is Carol’s certainly; & “Il était une fois” is Jacinthe’s very elegant and professional work. “Les buissons” is Françoise Sellier’s…

Expo block 1
Here below…help me, please! Whose knots? Whose MA? Almila’s major mythical tale I can attribute, of course. Whose elegant VA from Kells? Xpi & other noms sacrés? The Australian Graphic Design Association is clearly Maria’s. The zoomorphic initials & spiral I believe are Françoise S.’s again…

Expo strip 2
Now…are these excerpts from Kells Marisa’s? Marisa? as they flank Maria’s Quick brown fox…”Gratitude” is Anaïs’s I believe, playing with watercolour effects. Then I am lost a bit…This wonderful cartouche, what does it say? What I think I see is “LALTERMONDIALIST” but I think I may be wrong? Please, whose is this? & the next row?
Expo strip 3
& these exercises? “JESUS”? “ANDRÉ”? A very nice heart-shaped knot! I think “IL EST” is Antoine’s. Antoine? I think this “FRANÇOISE” must be Françoise Dabireau’s? Whose knot?
Expo 4
Then Maria’s draft & “First Things First”…Marias FirstThing and draftThe crowd at the end-of-course exhibition, almost blocking the show itself. & Maria’s “Thank-you”…
& let’s just look back (or ahead…Summer is Coming!) at the food, dining in the garden….
dining strip
yes…Summer 2016? Have a look here: Keith7Amanda


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